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Software Support Services

Horizon Systems provides manufacturer support contracts for the software we sell.   Keeping your software support current is the most important way to protect your investment in the software you've purchased.

Maintaining your software support gives you the ability to get direct vendor support services. This includes the ability to obtain patches to fix known problems, and usually the ability to upgrade to the most recent version of the software without buying a new license. In the case of subscriptions, this includes access to constantly updated information such as anti-virus definitions.

Keeping track of your assets to ensuring your support stays current is only one of the many services we provide. We can help consolidate your contracts, making them terminate on the same date, to reduce the number of invoices you receive throughout the year.  We can offer you many different billing options to help keep your budget in control.  We maintain your information and notify you ahead of time when renewals will be coming up.

Our services for software support help you get the most out of your support agreements. We are your champion and guide to all the options available to you in the realm of software support.


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