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System design has changed dramatically over the last few years. The need for highly available systems, virtualization, and cloud technologies has changed the way we build systems for our customers.

No longer is it feasible to have a separate development, test, and possibly multiple production servers for every project. Energy, environmental, and support cost  considerations have eroded this long standing model of hardware system design. This division of tasks is still needed, and hardware design no longer needs to follow this model. Proper usage of virtualization techniques can solve a portion of this problem, intelligence and experience in this area is still needed to really do it in a proper manner.

Utilizing the right storage subsystem to provide and protect all of your valuable information is essential to a well run shop. Not all storage is the same, and an incorrect solution may not be fast enough to feed the hungry applications of today. Making sure you can replicate it to an off-site location, or back it up properly to keep it safe. These are only a few of the critical aspects we look at when designing a solution to fit your needs.

Securing your systems is paramount to making sure your information does not end up in the wrong hands. Being able to protect your most valuable asset is always taken into consideration. Can your company pass an audit, if required to do so?  Is the data encrypted when it left your control? Will performance suffer due to the additional overhead?

We apply an intelligent approach to system design, taking into consideration the costs of acquisition, setup, on-going support, licensing fees, software licensing models. Some professionals consider this the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), we consider it common sense.

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