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   What opportunities would be possible if vast amounts of data could be processed quickly in the Cloud?

In a digital-first world, we need new kinds of answers only your data can provide. 

Why are we not asking the bigger questions!  
More than ever, companies need to turn vast amounts of information into business opportunities. But they’re constrained by what today’s technology can do.  
The Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse enters the landscape.
With exponentially faster data query speeds, and a Cloud based design, Yellowbrick opens up those new possibilities.
In doing so, you can bring the world the answers it so desperately needs.  Now you can ask new questions. Bigger questions. Even the questions you didn't know you could ask of your data.  


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Horizon Systems is a Platinum Business partner with Yellowbrick.  Working in conjunction with value added partners, such as Horizon Systems, Yellowbrick provides licensing to use their technology.  Standard pricing starts at $10K USD per month. Larger configurations are available supporting multiple petabytes.  

If you're interested in modernizing your company's need for fast analytics, or energizing your current descision support system, then take a look at Yellowbrick. Just because you have a Cloud First initiative, doesn't mean you are limited by native cloud speeds. 

Let us help you explore the possibilities that Yellowbrick can unlock for your organization.





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